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I have received lots of comments on my previous blog on Sprouted Brown Rice. Many people wanted to see what it looks so here it goes!

Sprouted Brown Rice

 You just need

  • Organic GM free brown rice 
  • A sprouter or a strainer

To start, I would recommend 140g (approx. one cupful) of Brown rice which will make 2 servings of pure brown rice.

You could alter the ratio of white rice and brown rice as you like. For example, 140g of sprouted brown rice could be mixed with the same volume of white rice. This will make 3-4 servings.

Please remember  one cupful of rice is about 140g or 180ml

Here is my step by step method with pictures. 

Soak the brown rice in a clean jar for 24 hours.

Left: Before soaking, Right: after 24hrs of soaking.

Drain the water and give the rice a quick wash.Transfer the rice onto a sprouter or a strainer.

Cover it with cloth or a sprouter lid and leave it for 10-24 hours in a room.

Left: before sprouted, Right: sprouted in 18 hours.

Cook in a rice cooker following the setting for White Rice. 140g of sprouted brown rice should be cooked with water added up to the line which says 1 (meaning that the water level for one cup of rice.)

If you are mixing some white rice, this is the time to do so. For 140 g sprouted rice mixed with 140g white rice, the water should come up to line 2. 

For alternative ways of cooking, please see My Tip below.

 Once cooked, the rice needs to be refrigerated and consumed in a day to be safe. Cooked rice freezes very well. Please ensure it is heated up thoroughly in a microwave a saucepan, or frying pan.


My Tip: You can cook the rice in a saucepan.

  1. Put the rice and cold water in a saucepan. Use the ratio of 1.5 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.
  2. Cover and heat until the water reaches boiling point.
  3. Lower the heat to medium and keep simmering with the lid on.

When the water is mostly evaporated and the surface becomes ‘dimply’, the rice is ready. Never stir when the rice is cooking!

If you are making paella or risotto, just treat the sprouted brown rice as your usual rice. I would love to hear about your recipes. Please send me yours by email to:

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