Blog 6 Sprouted Brown Rice- A humble grain made to a superfood

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I find it always requires a certain degree of motivation to change a habit. If you are one of those who knows how beneficial it would be to eat brown rice instead of refined white rice, please let me help you to make a first step:

A first BIG step if you would like to loose some belly fat, have healthier heart or gentle digestion.  

Sprouted Brown rice is not coarse in texture. It is soft and smooth with an addition of a slightly nutty flavour. I prefer 80% White 20% Sprouted Brown Rice to pure white rice even for Sushi!

You just need;

  • Organic GM free brown rice available from my Collection (500g, £2.45)
  • A sprouter or glass jar with clean cloth.
Here is my step by step method which will help you. 

To start, I would recommend 70g (approx. a half cupful) of Brown rice which will make 4 servings of rice together with 2 cups of white rice. In Japan, 1 cup of rice (1 go) is 180ml.

  1. Soak the brown rice in a clean jar for 24 hours.
  2. Drain the water and give the rice a quick wash.
  3. Transfer the rice onto a sprouter or a clean jar.
  4. Cover it with cloth or a sprouter lid and leave it for 10-24 hours in a room.
  5. Wash the white rice, stir in the brown rice and cook in a rice cooker following the setting for White Rice. The water level should be 2.5 for this amount of rice.

If you prefer cooking rice in a saucepan, please see My Tip below.

If you are planning to cook the rice for an evening meal, you would need to soak the rice during the morning of the previous day. If it is for your lunch, I would soak the rice just before the bedtime 2 nights before the lunch; One night for soaking the rice, one night to keep it in the sprouter. 

Once cooked, the rice needs to be refrigerated and consumed in a day to be safe. Cooked rice freezes very well. You would need to heat it up thoroughly in a microwave or in a saucepan/frying pan.


Please remember, brown rice is;

  1. Gluten-free
  2. Highly nutritious with a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

It helps;

  1. Weight loss and reduces belly fat
  2. Maintain a healthy heart with fibre, lignans and magnesium
  3. People with diabetes to control their blood sugar

When sprouted, the nutrients become more available making the grain a superfood.


My Tip: You can cook the rice in a saucepan. Put the drained rice and 4 cups of water in a saucepan. Cover and heat until the water reaches boiling point. Lower the heat to medium and keep simmering with the lid on. When the water is mostly evaporated and the surface becomes ‘dimply’, the rice is ready. Never stir when the rice is cooking!




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