Yawataya Shichimi

  • £6.99


chilli, Shiso leaf, orange peel, Yuzu orange peel, Sanshoin a tra (sansyo) pepper, sesame, ginger

14g in a traditional style of tin

Shichimi Togarashi is not only a popular food souvenir at Japan’s temples and tourist sites but also an essential item for any Japanese household along with salt & pepper, sugar and soy sauce. The blend of spices  enhances the flavour of noodles, Sukiyaki, Teppanyaki, stir fry, rice dishes, soup, salad and lots more.

Yawataya was established in 1736 as one of the three chilli spice specialists in Japan. The founder, a descendant of the famous Genji clan, was given the prime location in the territory of the Zenko-ji Temple in Nagano to operate his business.

The tin was designed by the 6th shop owner in 1924. The word ‘The speciality’ is written horizontally in an old fashioned right to left, and the word for ‘Shichmi’ is written in the design of a chili. The back of the tin shows the Genko-ji Temple which holds the oldest statue of Amida brought to Japan from the Korean Peninsula in 552 AD.