Everyday Zen Konjac Pack

  • £9.80

  • 25g × 8 nests of dried Konjac noodles
  • 160g of dried Konjac rice 
  • Recipe card

Suitable for vegans

Source of fibre and calcium

Low in calories and fat

A healthy alternative for wheat noodles, pasta and rice


Konjac was first brought to Japan as a medicine from China sometime between 6th and 9th century. By the 19th century, Japanese people enjoyed it in as a food. More recently it has been reintroduced as a healthy alternative to pasta or wheat noodles. It is a natural product from a root vegetable, gluten free and has very few calories. It is also high in fibre so it is ideal for vegans, weight watchers, sports people, diabeties or gluten intolerant patients.

Konjac is proven clinically as an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes (please see the link below if you would like to know more.)

Dried konjac has a unique, bouncy texture and a surface which absorbs and retains flavours. Another advantage of our dried konjac is its ease of storage. Unlike ones in brine, you can take out the exact amount of you need and store the rest in a kitchen cupboard for later.

Everyday Zen Konjac Pack is for those who would like to improve your health while exploring Japanese traditional food or modern fusion dishes. It comes with great ideas for recipes. Everyday Zen Konjac Pack contains the same amount of Konjac as a Supreme Zen Konjac Box but in a casual packaging.


The Box contains enough Konjac to make 6-7 main dishes and a dessert for two.

Possible recipes:

Konjac and Tofu in black bean sauce, Sukiyaki Konjac, Konjac pasta in vegan green pesto, Konjac tabbouleh, Fried konjac rice in garlic butter and Konjac Kuzukiri in matcha flavoured milk



Effective treatment for type 2 dibete