For a Plastic-Free Couple

For a Plastic-Free Couple

  • £8.75

This is a Plastic-free gift to a couple who loves plants power, fair trade and healthy environment. Suitable for those who avoid plastic, Palm oil, BPA and cruelty.

  • 2 Adult bamboo toothbrushes. Featured as the Best of its kind by The Independent.
  • Alter/Native soap with green tea and Bergamot 95g
  • Alter/Native Glycerine Soap Rose & Geranium 90g

The Original Environmental Toothbrush is made of Panda friendly MOSO bamboo. It is BPA free, Fair traded and Vegan friendly. 

Alter/Native soaps are handmade using essential oils. Cooling and refreshing with an uplifting citrus scent paired with green tea leaves for gentle exfoliation. Glycerine soaps are gentle and relaxing. Perfect for dry skin.