Gomoku sushi seasoning

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Just mix the content of the pack with cooked rice while it is hot. By adding toppings of your choice, you can present perfectly seasoned Chirashi Sushi. A great eye catcher at  celebrations and parties!

  • 140g (to be mixed with 500g of cooked rice, ideally sushi rice or short grain rice)
  • Contains cooked vegetables
  • Suitable for Pescatarians

What is Chirashi sushi?

There are various forms of Sushi; it does not have to be rolled or in an elongated ball shape. Firstly, Gomoku sushi, meaning five ingredients sushi, has vegetables and fish mixed in seasoned rice. Chirashi sushi, literally translated as scattered sushi, has toppings on Gomoku sushi. 

I can help you with most typical toppings.

Fish: Cooked prawns, Red caviar, Smoked salmon, crab sticks

Vegetable: Beans, edamame, carrot (lightly boiled), cucumber

Egg: Kinshi tamago (shredded egg crepe)

Seaweed: cut into thin stripes