LoofCo®Washing-Up Pad

  • £2.80

Vegan, Plastic Free and Bio degradable Washing-up Pad made from a fruit of a plant of the cucumber family.

In Japanese, the plant is called Hechima (糸瓜). There is some poetic feel attached to Hechima which explains why it has been a popular theme in Haiku.  Hechima has been used as a body scrubbing sponge as well as a washing-up pad traditionally.

Now the health of our ocean is concerned, have you seen how easily sponge scourers with scrubbing side start to shed thousands of tiny plastic fibers? They go down the drain, unfiltered in the wastewater treatment and reach the ocean.

LoofCo®Washing-Up Pads are;

  • Made from Loofah Plant
  • Long Lasting
  • Non Scratch
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Traditional
  • Expands & Softens in Water
  • Made in Egypt

When immersed in water it will swell up and becomes a soft, spongy and flexible pad. Use in warm water with washing-up liquid.

How to care: 

After use, squeeze out excess water and shake out any food particles. Hang to to dry from the cotton string loop. 

LoofCo®Washing-Up Pad will last for months in normal household use and when worn out can be composted.