Organic Brown Rice

Organic Brown Rice

  • £2.45

Net weight 500g

  • Organic
  • Excellent for sprouting

Sprouted brown rice, also called germinated brown rice, has sweeter taste and less chewy. Swapping your usual white rice for the brown version is considered to be healthier. Swapping it for sprouted version can really increase the amount of nutrients you get from the grain.

Cooking guidance:

Add two cups of water to 1 cup (140g) of Brown Rice. Boil gently for 45 minutes or follow instructions of a rice cooker.


My recommendation:

It is easy to make Sprouted Brown rice at home. Please see my Blog 6 for a Step by Step guide. My favorite is a mix of 4 parts white 1 part sprouted brown rice. It can be cooked in a rice cooker with a white rice setting.