Organic Aduki Beans 200g

Organic Aduki Beans 200g

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Organic Aduki Beans (also Adzuki, Azuki, Adsuki)

  • Popular in Japanese sweet dishes
  • Amazing health benefits
  • High in dietary fibre which improves digestive health, diabetes conditions and helps weight loss
  • Source of protein
  • Rich in B vitamins including folic acid
  • Easy to sprout- excellent in soups, salad and stir fry

The Aduki bean is a reddish-brown bean with nutty flavour. Aduki beans are cooked, mashed and mixed with sugar to make a sweet paste for cakes and desserts.

The Aduki bean is regarded as the king of beans in Japan with its health benefits. It is high in fibre so it helps improve digestive health and cholesterol levels. Not only that, the fibre regulates the activity of insulin receptors in the body to maintain the normal levels of blood sugar.