Sapporo Ichiban Instant Yakisoba Noodle

  • £1.45

The key point of this product - it contains no trans fat.

  • Cooks in 1 minute in 1 flying pan
  • Withd ried seaweed laver ready to be sprinckled
  • 102g

When you have virtually no time to cook and eat, it could be handy. You could make it a little healthier by adding a few leaves of spinach, cabbage or any leftover vegetables like carrot and  spring onion to a flying pan proceeding to step 1 of the cooking directions. 

Why not make it a lot healthier by adding 2 balls of Dried Konjac noodles? (Please see the photo!) One packet of this Yakisoba and 2 balls of Konjac noodles would make 2 portions.

If you like it a little spicy, La-yu chilli oil or Shichimi Chilli powder would be just for you.

Yakisoba is a flied noodle in Japanese brown sauce. It is often served alongside Teppan yaki so it goes really well with prawns, squid, bacon or ham if you would like to make it a little more substantial. The sauce in the package is strong enough to flavour some added ingredients.


It contains Wheat, Soybean

Typical value per 100ml

Energy 2134kj, 510 kcal,

Fat 32g of which saturates 9g

Carbohydrates 63g of which sugars 6g

Protein 9g

Salt 0.9g