Sushi Essential Starter Kit

  • £10.99

When you start exploring the art of Sushi making, I recommend you a kit with generous portions of the essential ingredients, that is rice, rice vinegar and soy sauce. This starter kit contains:

  • 1kg of Sushi rice⋆
  • 355ml bottle of rice vinegar
  • a packet of full-size Nori seaweed (8 sheets, 17g)
  • a bamboo sushi roll mat

There is an option to buy 2kg of Sushi rice.

*The average sushi portion is 90g of uncooked rice per person. !kg of rice would make 10-12 portions. 

You can find a variety of soy sauce in supermarket. Reduced salt and Gluten-free options seem very popular. In my 'Collection', you can find 'Kikkoman Soy sauce' which is one of the most popular soy sauce in Japan. It comes in a bottle called 'Syoyu sashi (Soy sauce jug)' which is non-dripping.